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Art History 141 Ben Steadman Pen, Chisel, and Paintbrush It is undeniable that during the 15 th century a new artistic ideal was developed to inspire and judge the works produced in Renaissance Florence. What is debatable, however, is exactly what this ideal involved and consisted of. Even artists at the time could not agree on such a standard, leading to what Andrea Bolland calls a great paragone , or debate. In her piece “From the Workshop to the Academy: The Emergence of the Artist in Renaissance Florence” Andrea Bolland attempts to sift through the differing views from various artists throughout the century in order to establish what this ideal might of consisted of as well as discuss what the great paragone between sculptors, painters, and poets entailed. Bolland’s interest in this topic clearly stems from a strong belief that in the past scholars have put too much faith in well known artists that may not have actually been as qualified as is usually perceived. Specifically, it is clear through her subtle use of descriptive language that she believes too much stock has been given to Alberti’s famous text On Painting . Within a few paragraphs of introducing her examination of his work, Bolland calls into question Alberti’s training. She informs readers that “although he claimed to write as a painter, for painters, Alberti’s training was in fact as a humanist” (Bolland, 463). She goes on to later doubt him further by claiming through artistic analysis that Donatello’s
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Bolland - Art History 141 Ben Steadman Pen Chisel and...

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