Test 1 sheet - CH 1: Repeating Themes: Globalz, Diversity,...

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CH 1: Repeating Themes: Globalz, Diversity, Ethics Texas’ GDP = 31.6-20.8mil (Canada) 3 Globalizations: 1492-countries, 1800-companies, 2000-individuals (The World is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman) Managers: ppl who achieve goals through other ppl – Activities: Make decisions, Allocate resources, Direct activities of other to attain goals – Functions: Planning (define goals, strategy, plans) , Organizing (what tasks,who,where) , Leading (motivate, direct) , Controlling (monitor, correct) Mintzgerg Roles: Interpersonal (Figurehead- symbolic, required to perform routine duties of legal or social nature; Leader- motivate & direct; Liason- maintain network of outside contacts who provide favors and info) Informational (Monitor- gets variety of info, nerve center for org. info; Disseminator- transmits info received to members of org.; Spokesperson- transmits info to outsiders, expert Decisional (Entrepreneur-searches org. for opportunities, initiates projects for change; Disturbance handler- corrective action; Resource allocator-makes/ approves decisions; Negotiator- represents org. at major negotiations) Management Skills: Technical (ability to apply expertise) Human (work w/, understand & motivate ppl) Conceptual (mental ability to analyze complex) Effective vs. Successful Mang. Activities (Luthans)- 1.Traditional Man ( decision making, planning, controlling) 2. Communication (Exchanging routine info & processing paperwork) 3. Human Resource Man (Motivating, disciplining, managing conflict, staffing, training) 4.Networking (Socializing, politicking) AVG: 1. 32% 2. 29% 3 .20% 4. 19% SUCCESSFUL: 1. 13% 2. 28% 3. 11% 4. 28% EFFECTIVE: 1. 19% 2. 44% 3. 26% 4. 11% Organizational Behavior : field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups & structure have on behavior within orgs for the purpose of improving an orgs effectiveness. Complementing Intuition with systematic study (looking at relationships, causes/effects, drawing conclusions-provides a means to predict behaviors) Contributing Disciplines to OB Field: Psychology (individual) Sociology (org system, group) Social Psychology (Group) Anthropology (Group, Org system) There are few absolutes in OB (Contingency variables) Challenges & Opportunities for OB – Responding to Globalz (Increased foreign assignments, coping w/ anti-capitalism backlash, overseeing move of jobs to countries w/ low cost labor, man. ppl during War on Terror) Managing Workforce Diversity (Embracing diversity, changing US demographics, Implications for managers) Major workforce diversity categories (Gender, Disability, Age, National origin, Race, Domestic Partners, Religion) Improving quality and productivity (Quality man(QM)., process re- engineering) Responding to Labor Shortage (changing work demo, fewer skilled laborers, older, early retire) Improving Customer Service (Increased expectation of service quality, Customer-responsive cultures) QM - 1. Intense focus on the customer 2. Concern for cont. improv 3. Improv.
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Test 1 sheet - CH 1: Repeating Themes: Globalz, Diversity,...

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