mc4034_Fall_2007_assignment4_Article Reflection

mc4034_Fall_2007_assignment4_Article Reflection - MC 4034...

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MC 4034 Article Reflections Name: _____________________________ MC 4034   – Assignment 4 On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment. ________________________________ (Signature) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Answer each question briefly and thoroughly. 2. A typed answer is advised. However, if you prefer hand writing, be sure to write legibly. If the instructor cannot read your writing, your work may not be graded. 3. Submit your answers at the beginning of the class. No late work will be accepted. 4. Don’t forget. The LSU Honor Code is in effect … Unpledged work will not be graded Read three articles from “ Media Plan of the Year ” series (a total of 13 articles listed on Blackboard) and summarize them. Then, discuss why the advertising campaign is awarded. You must choose ONE article from, - Media Plan of the Year: Spending more than $25 million (09/04) - Media Plan of the Year: Spending between $10 ~ $25 million (09/04)
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mc4034_Fall_2007_assignment4_Article Reflection - MC 4034...

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