Sample Media Plan - Premium Telecommunications

Sample Media Plan - Premium Telecommunications - Premium...

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Premium Telecommunications, Inc. – PreTel Media Plan Media Plan Overview The awareness blitz campaign for PreTel during the CTIA Wireless Convention (Feb. 8- 10) in New Orleans calls for thorough message encounter saturation of the target group of business attendees of this convention at all possible times during their stay. To account for their hectic schedules and subsequently lack of traditional media advertising opportunities, a niche media campaign, encompassing media encounters during all phases of the typical attendees’ routines (airport arrival, expo presence, after-hours happy hours in town), is recommended. The proposed media budget reflects the objectives set for this campaign, which can be summarized as turning the CTIA convention into a PreTel convention. Situation Analysis Premium Telecommunications Inc., the wireless service and accessories company out of San Diego, CA, invented a combination cell phone-PDA device, named “pdQ Phone,” and improved the technology with which cell phone calls are transmitted (enhanced CDMA technology). The company is planning to announce/unveil these developments during the next annual wireless convention (the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) Wireless Expo) in February. They have asked their agency to support this event with a blitz advertising effort in the convention’s host city, New Orleans. The goal is to create instant and ongoing buzz among major stakeholders during the conference, with a small budget. Target Audience Objective: Reach adult males and females who are wireless dealers, resellers, members of the trade media, or other important cellular and electronics stakeholders and opinion leaders that either are affected by the new inventions or could otherwise have critical influence on PreTel’s image and business success. Demographics: Adult males and females, 18+ Household income of $30,000+ Influential in wireless industry: shareholders, government officials, business executives,
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retail management executives, media representatives, dealers and suppliers Residents of United States (secondary: any other country) Psychographics: Skeptical about traditional advertising and PR Knowledgeable about PreTel and competitors’ products
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Sample Media Plan - Premium Telecommunications - Premium...

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