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Exam 3 Study Sheet - Geo 302E Earth Wind Fire Spring 2007...

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Spring 2007 Study Sheet for Exam 3 HYDROSPHERE – lectures after last hour exam How do we measure and describe water quality? What makes water hard or soft? (Ca + ) What ions sometimes found in groundwater causes problems for humans? What are sources of groundwater contamination? Be able to look at a simple sketch (similar to class slides) and evaluate the potential for water pollution. Why is saltwater contamination a problem for coastal areas? What can be done? What are four reasons the Edwards aquifer is important? What are the consequences of excessive pumping of water from the Edwards aquifer? For the Edwards aquifer, what does the 'bad' water line represent? (i.e. what is the aquifer like above and below the line and what makes the water below the line 'bad'?) What major city gets all its water from the Edwards aquifer? Where does Austin's water come from? Other than groundwater, where else do we get fresh water for public or agricultural use? What causes subsidence when groundwater is removed?
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Why is water in the Ogallala aquifer called - fossil water, a nonrenewable resource? What are possible solutions to the decreasing amount of water available in the Ogallala aquifer? What are the differences between the surface ocean layers and deep ocean layers? What are the three primary forces that cause surface currents? How does wind cause waves? Understand the general causes of the overall ocean current patterns. What effect do land barriers have on ocean currents? Know that ocean currents transfer a lot of heat and strongly effects climates. What drives deep ocean currents? (salinity and temperature) What is the 'Global Conveyor Belt'? What is the Ekman Spiral (or Transport), how does it work, and how does it cause upwelling or downwelling? What is the surface current circulation pattern?
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Exam 3 Study Sheet - Geo 302E Earth Wind Fire Spring 2007...

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