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SUMMARY OF ARTICLES. IMAGINIG THE DARK CONTINENT! The article of The Thames torso case raises several issues surrounding identity. Most apparent is the guiding trope – ‘us’ Vs ‘them” – that underpins the images produced. In different contexts, the ‘us’ shifts between ‘the Met’, ‘British’, ‘European’ and ‘’white’, while the ‘them’ shifts between ‘African, ‘black’ or ‘other’. In this imagery, the two halves of this opposition have not been cast as equals. ‘Africans’ and the things they do are routinely glossed as inferior. The things ‘Europeans’ or ‘British’ do, in contrast, are glossed as superior. Homogeneity: The imagery produced by the thames torso case has continually reduced multiples to singulars, treating vast geographic, cultural and social differences as though they simply do not matter. They have reduced difference to uniformity by assuming black bodies come from Africa which is why they add AFRICAN ritual murder, AFRICAN witchcraft in the first place. They got a doctor from S.A on a case of West Africa when the two places are not even close to each other. Even the comments made by the detective indicating Nelson Mandela as the spokesperson for all of Africa. They say that Africans cannot get news from abroad because of lack of TVs but they come to South Africa to air on T the same case. Identity: Dichotomos lens of science and superstition,……the us Vs them thing…… Africans and African Diaspora in Britain have been presented as people who hold weird. Inexplicable and morally bankrupt beliefs. They are said to believe in voodoo, witchcraft, and human sacrifice, including selling human body parts. The media represents otherness as inferior with derogatory terms while showing off the scientific approach that they believe detectives are using and describing their work as groundbreaking….etc Globalization: Implies a meeting of worlds, which in this case implies that a corrupt and morally bankrupt ‘them’ threatens a sensible and moral ‘us’. A savage and superstitious Africa threatens to undo the moral fiber of a righteous Europe through globalization. The article also raises question on the exaggerated commonality of the practice yet even within Africa this is a very rare practice. Last but not least the author argues at the case may not really be that of human sacrifice like the METS suggested, most of the anthropologists who did not hold this view were disregarded making it look like the METS were looking for particular scientific evidence to support their own ideas and findings into making Africa more different and primitive and us more scientific and moral. KATRINA: THE DISASTER AND ITS DOUBLES.
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