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IDSB02. DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENT. Lecture #1 Development ( definitions) 1) economic growth (GDP). Has significantly evolved in recent yrs. It started with thouts of economic growth until people started thinking that that’s not all. 2)Human development like quality of life, life expectancy and literacy added. Often includes “spatial equity”. 3) Sustainable development came next and includes “temporal equity”. Often “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Amartya Sen *his major contributions= famines and capability -Able to demonstrate that famine is not caused by a lack of food, but a lack of buying power - It’s not enough to have the right to do something, but you have to be capable *definition of development – the freedoms which enhance the ability of people to pursue that which they have cause to value. - To have both constitutive (access to food) and instrumental (women’s rights) aspects - 5 primary freedoms 1) political (free speech/elections) 2) economic (access to trade and production) 3) social (education and health facilities 4) transparency (openness to government/business) 5) protective (social safety net) An example- Building a Mega-dam (does it create development) according to Amartya Sen *Politically- more likely to decrease development coz b4 people where managing their own natural resources but now they lose that power to the gov’ts. *Economic- lot’s of electricity generation thus new jobs. Displaced people may have new production benefits but also lose old ones, new trade ties, local employment, displaced activities, *Transparency- more likely to decrease development *Social- increased concentration of people, makes it easier e.g bigger hospitals. *Security- concentration. Organization has a way of bringing down traditions thru mixing. Some of these traditions may have been the basis of securities and what not. Development Equation (more economic) Generally refers to the function of things you use to do stuff. Q= f (K P , K H , L, NR, T, AE, DRU, KF, TOT) Q: capacity to absorb, the level of consumption Factors of Production Kp- physical capital Kh- human capital L: labour NR- natural resources T (technology) + factors of production (previous things) = Efficiency (how much you are capable of absorbing) AE: allocative efficiency + DRU: degree of resource usage + previous things = amount absorbed KF (capital flow) + TOT (terms of trade) + previous things = capacity to absorb. Oikos * understanding languages is very helpful especially Latin and Greek (in the west) * Oikos= home
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Oikology logos= meaning/ knowledge, in English= -ology Oikos + logos – eco + logy Knowledge of home – environment is our home. Oikonomics
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ids-lec1 - IDSB02. DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENT. Lecture #1...

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