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May 16, 2008 BEE 435 – Aquaculture Extra Credit Video Tape 5 – Cage Culture, Raising Fish in Ponds (24:45 min) Fishing in the United States has had a long and storied tradition. There have always been the few who wanted to cultivated these fish. Trout hatcheries started in the 1800’s in the USA. Only in the last 20-30 years has aquaculture expanded in this country. This is due to the growing public want of seafood as well as decline of natural supply. You can raise your own fish in an open pond or using cage/net pens. These cages supply an easier harvest, though they bring problems too. It is easy to construct your own cages with pvc, wood, and netting, and you can built them however you want. To make a cylindrical cage, connect mesh to a hoop base with plastic ties. Then add mesh walls to the sides and finally, sew on the top. Make sure all holes are closed! A secure covering must be kept to keep predators out, but you must be able to get in to add food, clean, and monitor water conditions. Attach buoyant material (like Styrofoam) so
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