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hiatogram - [HOMEWORK 1 DUE 1.28 The audience for movies...

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January 11, 2008 [ HOMEWORK 1 DUE 01/18/2008 ] 1.28 The audience for movies . Here are data on the percent of people in several age groups who attended a movie in the past 12 months: Age group Movie attendance 18 to 24 years 83% 25 to 34 years 73% 35 to 44 years 68% 45 to 54 years 47% 55 to 64 years 47% 65 to 74 years 32% 75 years and over 20% (a) Display these data in a bar graph. What is the main feature of the data? (b) Would it be correct to make a pie chart of these data? (c) A movie studio wants to know what percent of the total audience for movies is 18 to 24 years old. Explain why these data do not answer this question. 1.31 Returns on common stocks . The return on a stock is the change in its market price plus any dividend payments made. Total return is usually expressed as a percent of the beginning price. What I want you to do are: (a) Plot the your OWN histogram for the data attached. You might either choose to do it through excel, or do it by hand.
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