In input range enter b2b244 for a data in cells b2 to

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Unformatted text preview: n it) click on Histogram. In input range enter $B$2:$B$244, for a data in cells B2 to B244, (which are specifically for the problem 1.31). In bin rage, say my example, enter $C$2:$C$18 for a bin in cells C2 to C18. Check Output range and enter any empty cell on your current spreadsheet. Check chart output and hit Ok. You will see your histogram. Spread its borders. Right click on one of the rectangles, click on Format Data Series, click on the option tab, bring all the numbers to 0 and check "vary color by point" Hit ok. August 28, 2007 [STEPS OF PLOTTING HISTOGRAM] Hope this will help....
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