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excel instructions - MATH 1070 EXCEL UPDATE FOR"EXCEL 2007...

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MATH 1070 — EXCEL UPDATE FOR “EXCEL 2007” The computers in the classrooms now have Microsoft Office 2007 installed on them, instead of Office 2003, which they used to have. This means that classroom demonstrations of Excel operations will now need to use Excel 2007. Unfortunately, our office computers and many (if not most) of the students’ home computers still have Excel 2003, not Excel 2007. In this document, I will attempt to explain any differences between Excel 2007 and the previously distributed “Excel Instructions” handouts for histograms, descriptive statistics, scatterplots and regression, sampling, and distributions, which were based on the 2003 version of Excel. When you start Excel 2007 in the classroom, it will ask you for a username and initial; it should already be filled in, but if it isn’t, the username is the Room Number (e.g., for 629-GCB, it would be G629-01), and the initial is “G”. The primary noticeable difference between versions is the look of the worksheet and in the contents and locations of many of the menus: In particular, the “File” menu is gone and is replaced by the “Microsoft Office Button” in the upper left hand corner of the worksheet. This button opens a menu that includes “New”, “Open”, “Save”, “Save As”, “Print”, “Print Preview”, “Close”, “Exit”, and “Excel Options” (a button at the bottom of the menu). This is the button that is needed for the “Add-Ins”, which will be discussed later in this document. Next there is the “Home” tab, which includes the submenus “Clipboard” (cut, copy, paste, etc.), “Font”, “Alignment”, “Number”, “Styles”, and “Cells” (which used to be on the “Format – Cells” menu), and an “Editing” submenu (which includes the “Fill” and “Clear” operation that used to be on the “Edit” menu). Note: If you want to see the “old” format
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This note was uploaded on 06/24/2008 for the course MATH 1070 taught by Professor Akbas during the Summer '08 term at Georgia State.

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excel instructions - MATH 1070 EXCEL UPDATE FOR"EXCEL 2007...

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