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coreII final - ID Terms Blitzkrieg-takes polish capital in...

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ID Terms Blitzkrieg-takes polish capital in 6 days Winston Churchill Dunkirk Pearl Harbor Stalingard/El Amain Victories Midway Vidkum Quisling Yokohama Hiroshima/Nagasaki Auschwitz Ethnic Cleansing: Balkans, Darfur Katyn(1941 Massacre/Boris Yeltzin) Stalin/ Sergei Kirov Mussolini SA to SS lead by Himler Gestapo Stalin Secret Police NKVD Collectivization= policy/ modernize russia) Rasputin and how he died Lenin: plan failed/ new plan= NEP (New Economic Program) WWI: 250,000 casualties/campaign= Gallipoli 3 Independent states from Versailles treaty: Czech, Romania and Yugoslavia Bloodiest battle= Verdun Mikhail Gorbochov: policies= Glasnost and Perestroika New London= Ethnic London Nazi Soviet non aggression pact Kellogg Briand Peace Pact(1928) Containment(1946) and Truman Doctrine (1947) Critical Point in Cold War 1948: Berlin Airlift India Pakistan Partition 1947 Brest Litovsk Treaty 1918 Joseph Gobels Versailles Treaty Mein komf Mao Zedong United Nations V.I. Lenin League of Nations Trench Warfare Final Exam Study Guide/Possible Essay Questions
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All of your exam essay questions will be derived from the questions below, however I have made them more detailed in an effort to give you hints on what exactly to study and what I will expecting to find in your response. Good Luck!! 1. Identify the various causes for WWI. What role did nationalism play in the acceleration of hostilities? What made WWI so different from all previous wars (new technologies and tactics, for example trench warfare)? Describe the impact and legacies of WWI on Europe. o WWI 1914-18 Heir to Austrian throne murdered by a Serbian Austria hated Serbia before this Austria sought assurances from ally, Germany, that it would come to assist in case of war Germany didn’t want war, but Austria was only ally—otherwise have isolation Austria issues ultimatum to Serbia on July 23, made deliberately unacceptable Long list of demands on Serbia Many, no independent state could accept Serbia accepted all but two Austria really just wanted war [it was justified b/c they didn’t accept all] Germany thought that their support would deter other countries from joining But Russia comes to the aid of their friend, Serbia No attempted arbitration, Austria acts hastily and immediately attacked Serbia Russian army needed over a month to assemble The Schlieffen plan, Germany’s just-in-case war plan, was put into use Rapid encircling of the French capital so they don’t fight a two-front war August 1, Germany declares war on Russia and without warning sent troops into France The whole continent is caught by surprise France had Plan XVII—stop Schlieffen plan in the middle of encircling o New Weaponry Technological advances used in trench warfare—highly deadly the blimp: Huge airborne structures used to bombard or terrify civilians the tank: Rolls over everything—cement, barb wires, anti-aircraft guns: Could be aimed at planes to take them down
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coreII final - ID Terms Blitzkrieg-takes polish capital in...

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