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Unformatted text preview: Social Issues in Contemporary China China in the Red Some Key Changed under Market Reform Decollectivization/household responsibility system Rise of township and village enterprises, rural industry Reform/shutdown of stateowned enterprises (SOEs) Emergence of urban private sector and labor markets Relaxation of restrictions on population movement Erosion of subsidies/benefits/safety nets, many of which were associated with work tenure and collectives (Most recently, experimentation with rebuilding welfare services--e.g., urban pension system, rural cooperative medical scheme, free compulsory education.) General Questions What are the major social issues that the film touches upon? How does those social changes at macro level affect ordinary people's daily life? (the change from "socialist social contract" to "market social contract") Who benefit most? Who are "left behind"? Considering the changes in social welfare service, especially health care and education. "Market reform would continue, but the state would undertake a more energetic role in moderating the negative impacts of "marketization." (China in 2006) How has people's life changed as Reform continue? Finish the film after class. Assignment Prepare questions for class discussion, concerning the film and the readings. Post your discussion questions on BB: Tools Blog Tool new entry Posted Before Wednesday 5:00 pm ...
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