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6-9-08 Leads 7-12

6-9-08 Leads 7-12 - car accidents and killing at least...

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Jeremy Rudy 7-12 Story Leads A fire in Columbia, Tenn. killed three people Saturday evening when a propane heater was accidentally knocked off a wall, causing an explosion, investigators said. In an effort to avoid controversy, Choteau’s school superintendent cancelled an upcoming speech to be given by an acclaimed climate scientist at the high school. A snowstorm swept the Northwest this weekend, delaying flights, causing hundreds of
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Unformatted text preview: car accidents, and killing at least three people. Twelve months after being on the verge of death, a Tampa woman will run in Saturday’s Gasparilla 5k race. The flu has hit Cincinnati and northern Kentucky in record numbers in the past two weeks, causing low school attendance and a shortage of hospital beds. On April 25 th , Tempe’s Community Services Department will kick off a series of 2-3 mile hikes for the mentally disabled....
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