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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon EE201L Midterm #2 - Spring 2006 1 / 4 C Copyright 2006 Gandhi Puvvada Spring 2006 EE201L Instructor: Gandhi Puvvada Midterm Exam II (30%) Date: April 28, 2006, Friday Open-Book Open-Notes Exam Time: 4:00 - 6:00PM in SGM124 Name: Total points: 153 Perfect score: 145 / 153 2 ( 11 points) min. An improved version of the original question #2 Open-collector output gates: 2.1 It is common to use a pull-up resistance of ________________ (10 Khoums / 330 ohms) with open- collector gates. 2.2 The design below has a mother board, 4 cards called A, B, C, and D and a special card called S. A, B, C, and D produce signals called RA (Ready), RB , RC , RD . Cards A and B work as a team and have to wait on each other. So we need a signal called TABR (Team A and B are Ready). TABR = RA . RB . Similarly cards C and D work together. TCDR = RC . RD . The special card has to wait until at least one of the two teams get ready. S_GO stands for low-active Special may GO ahead . S_GO = (TABR + TCDR) . You are given this incomplete design and you are asked to finish it. Do not to forget pull-ups! Note: OC stands for open-collector output gate. 2.3 Analysis of the design (what mode of operation it supports and what mode it may not support): 2.3.1 If you pull-out one card, say A_card , of a team, say team AB , what happens to the other card? Will the B_card receive a continuously active TABR signal or will TABR be true if RB is true? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ A _ c a r d B rd C D M o th e r B oa S O OC D_card RD TCDR G T R
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ee201_midterm2_Sp2006_improved_Question_2_and_sol -...

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