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additional golf article 2

additional golf article 2 - left of the target…” and...

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The Eyes Have It Here was another excellent article based on something so simple. A tip that’s ingrained into us so much in beginning golf it almost seems to be a rule after a while. “The eyes have it” as was put in bold in the start of the article. This is very true. The article discussed how it is so important to maintain proper head position and eye contact because it is proven that if you want to be enjoy consistent putting results, your eyes need to be running parallel to the target line at the setup. “Similarly, if your eyes are aligned to the
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Unformatted text preview: left of the target…” and even slightly there’s a good chance that’s where your ball will go too. If your head seems to tilt more to your right shoulder, your eyes will also have a tendency to go to the right. This is why proper stance is important as well. It all flows together. A good way to check your head and eye alignment is to align your head and eyes parallel to the shaft at the setup. Adjust if it is off. Then swing. Riggs, Brady. "The eyes have it." Golf Tips Magazine 2007: 74...
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