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Important Source Shang- Oracle Bones * Oracle Bones were found as a medicine that grounded into powder. * They are made from animal bones or turtle shells used in recording the result of divinations of the royal house in Shang Dynasty. * From the record, we know that people in Shang Dynasty believe the Shang King can communicate with ancestors to predict future event through sacrificial rituals, and concubines can have military powers. * Moreover, the oracle bone writing was believed to be the origin of the Chinese writing system. Zhou-Bronze Zhou was the zenith of Chinese Bronze-making. Bronze were not only used in rituals, but also used as weapon, armor, or reward which had inscription of good deed on it. Bronze were also made into coins or music instruments. In Zhou Dynasty, music was believed to affect people and excellent way to build up harmony between rulers and common people. Han – Silk Silk was produced by silkworms’ cocoons which only produced once a year by a worm.
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