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Nigeria fears Destabilization ICG, the International Crisis Group declared Nigeria to be “on the brinks” of destabilization. It  needs urgent and serious re-organization of both political and economic structures. The system  is deeply flawed on all levels and is now being called a “faulty federal experiment”. With rising  violence, rise of ethnic militias, sectarian vigilantes and separatist groups combined with poor  governance, lack of leadership, and major corruption there is definitely a need for concern and 
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Unformatted text preview: change. It’s been 48 years since Nigeria gained independence from Britain and so far no successful governments have emerged. Dangerous rivalries over the countries national resources and oil are also prevalent. Cover ups on corruption levels as well. There needs to be a significant level of resource control to local communities and a demographic constitutional reform that would allow Nigerians to have a say in things....
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  • Spring '08
  • chad, International Crisis Group, faulty federal experiment, demographic constitutional reform, countries national resources

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