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BISC-220 SI Leader: Matt Week 7 [email protected] Chapter 9 Respiration (Part II): Fermentation/Control of Respiration Will cellular respiration ensue without oxygen? _____ Explain why or why not! What two terms describe the cellular environment when oxygen is present/absent? ______________ and _____________ What name do we give the process by which we can continue catabolism without oxygen? _______________. We know this process will follow the breakdown of glucose ___________ (the name of this process is ___________), but why do we NEED this process in order to continue catabolism without oxygen? What chemical change occurs in both types? Type of Fermentation Intermediate compounds/Final Product (ONLY occurs in YEAST) Why do we see a high level of lactic acid fermentation in working muscle cells? How is the end product removed? List where each of the following molecules can enter the process of respiration: Fats: Proteins: Carbs: Our bodies also build polymers in a process called _____________. What is important to keep in mind about the differences between the breaking down of polymers as opposed building them? What is the main enzyme inhibited to control the rate of respiration? ________________. What inhibits this enzyme? ___________. What stimulates it? ___________. What kind of inhibition is used? _____________________ Chapter 10: Photosynthesis The major organs of photosynthesis in plants are the ___________. These organs contain a layer called the ___________ that contains the cell’s chloroplasts. Write out the chemical equation for photosynthesis.
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In tracking the fate of our reactants (CO2 and H20) through the cycle, what is the fate of the oxygen in water and what is the fate of the oxygen in carbon dioxide?
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Matt7 - BISC-220 SI Week 7 [email protected]

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