Short_Assignment__1_-_Ban_Zhao (from Scott)

Short_Assignment__1_-_Ban_Zhao (from Scott) - Name: Date:...

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Name: Date: Course: Ban Zhao: The First Well-Educated Woman of Chinese History Ban Zhao was a very fortunate woman during the olden times of Han Dynasty. During those times, only females of much higher status in the society were able to receive education. The main reason was due to the lower classes not able to afford education fees. Furthermore people of that time considered daughters as burdens for once married; females seldom contribute back to the family. They were considered out of the family (pouring bucket of water out of the door when brides leave the house). So all they did before marriage was to help out in the family and learning sewing skills. Under the culture of young marriage, Ban Zhao married at the age of fourteen. I see her as someone strong, forced to face the reality of life at such a young age. At fourteen when the females nowadays are enjoying the prime time of their lives, Ban Zhao had to serve and please her mother-in-law, win the friendship of her husband’s siblings and taking care of most heavy household chores. She might have
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Short_Assignment__1_-_Ban_Zhao (from Scott) - Name: Date:...

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