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3. Write an essay comparing the Nationalists/ GMD and the Communists/CCP from the 1920s to 1950. What sorts of people (from what social strata) tended to support each side? Along what sorts of issues and policies did they align? What do you think explains the eventual defeat of the GMD by the CCP? CCP: * Lenin-Marxism style of teaching * Make use of the foreign invasion and the dismal rural poverty to convince peasants those radical changes was necessary and the CCP was best qualified to handle it. * Violent land reform where landlords were killed and the land redistribute to the peasants. Many landlords joined CCP some fearing of being killed. * Peasants supported CCP for they wanted equality among different classes. CCP successfully evoked the dissatisfaction of people about the rich becoming richer while the poor becoming poorer. * The sort of revolution that came to China was powerfully shaped by the ideas, experiences and personality of Mao Zedong and the policies for training cadres and mobilizing peasants that he succeeded in getting established. GMD: * Democratic style with the 3 Principles of the People (Ideology for Party, Principles was nationalism, People’s live hood) * Many Nationalists military included firm anti-communists. * Many supports felt threatened by talks of class welfare. * Nationalist made efforts to revive and modernize the economy, battered by the disruption of the warlords, who, for instance, often took over railroad lines for their own purposes. * After Sun Zhongshan died, Jiang took over and launched the White Terror hoping much of CCP would be eliminated. Both: * Both parties wanted to unify China, making it a one party country, improving the lives of the people. However, under that circumstance CCP adopted a better way though helping the peasants and gaining their vast support. * In 1937, both parties worked together in defending against Japanese invasion. Jaing however at first thought of unifying China before fighting the Japanese, thinking it would be easy to defeat a country 1/5 the population of China. The defeat of GMD: * Supported mostly by the middle and upper class who consist of the minority. * The majority was the peasants who wanted equality and CCP was able to give them. * The widespread government corruption, spiraling inflation, the * Did little to build new political institutions in rural areas, giving CCP chances to free those peasants from the warlords, landlords, gaining their supports by redistribution of lands. * The failure of GMD was due to the superior strategy and organized methods
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of CCP and GMD underestimating the enemy. * Nationalists’ efforts to build China into a strong and modern nation were focused on the cities, not the countryside losing many supports and confidence of the peasants who lived in countryside. * Jiang actually did not put great efforts in fighting Japanese, while CCP did.
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History_Review_(Revised) - 3 Write an essay comparing the...

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