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Essay__1 (from Scott) - 1 During the period of The Warring...

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During the period of The Warring States, many countries were heavily involved in wars with one another. Kings were busy either conquering or defending the countries without spearing much thought for their people. This was when scholars of similar thinking came together forming various schools of thoughts. These different thoughts began to sprout and gaining recognition ( u ). What these scholars wished to accomplish was to raise the awareness of the people about their wrong doings and to redirect them onto the proper paths, the correct way of living. Among these teachings and thoughts, Confucianism and Legalism played important roles during the time of chaos. Confucianism was founded by Confucius (The Great Teacher of All–u ). His teachings consists of 5 main areas, Li (Ritual, the Rites), Dao (The Way), De (Power of Virtue), Ren (Humanity) and Xiao (Filial Piety) with the highest virtue as “Ren”. Under Confucianism’s teaching, countries should be a strong government relying on the moral qualities of the officials and the rulers and should be based on virtue and ritual. People should be content with their social classes in the society and should play their own roles in the society. However, everyone should be treated with great respect as if they were people of great importance. His thought of an ideal world should be where the convention ruled actions and harmonious co-operation led to ruling 1
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differences. With the teachings, law and regulations were seemed to be unnecessary in maintaining law and order. “Lead the people by means of government policies and regulate them through punishments, and they will be evasive and have no sense of shame. Lead them by means of rituals and they will have a sense of shame and moreover have standards” (Cambridge, P. 46) Confucianism thought that it was useless to bind people with laws and punishments. They would only follow the order due to the fear of being punished. With rituals and
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Essay__1 (from Scott) - 1 During the period of The Warring...

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