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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon 4/20/06 EE102L Midterm #1 - Spring 2005 1 / 2 C Copyright 2005 Gandhi Puvvada 5 Alternative solutions to Q#5 of EE102L Spring 2005 Midterm #1 Serial Voting Machine : We want to design a serial voting machine which inspects THREE votes serially. In this design we need to produce TWO inferences, WON and LOST . Solution #1 (as given in my hand-written solution) In addition to the hand-written solution above (distributed to students at the end of the test), I am giving below three other less-efficient solutions for which we will give credit in grading. (These less efficient solutions are similar to Q#3.2 of EE102L Midterm #2 of Spring 2004.) They are less efficient because they take an extra clock in some cases. The first two of the three solutions given below require altering the first line of sequence of states already given by me. So ideally they are not acceptable solutions, but . ... The last two of the 3 alternatives require redrawing the waveforms given in my hand-written solution.
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ee102_midterm1_Sp2005_Q5_4_alternative_solutions -...

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