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how do i study CB - people buy has been always what I...

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Yuria Hashimoto 09/04/07 How do you study consumer behavior? Consumer behavior is a field of study that specializes on how consumers act. The purpose of studying consumer behavior is that now it is impossible to accomplish marketing without studying it. Not only apparel market, but any kinds of business fields also need to do it to make a profit. Consumer behavior is a different type of study from what I have studied. I have obtained knowledge and skills about apparel merchandising through classes, but it is very new to me to study consumer behavior, which is based on psychology. To learn what and how
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Unformatted text preview: people buy has been always what I wanted to know, and I will remember what I study through this class because it will be definitely useful when I get a job and need a lot of information about my target customer. How do I study consumer behavior? I study consumer behavior just like building up the knowledge of psychology-based study about consumer on what I have learned about apparel market. I will consider what and how I shopped when I study consumer behavior....
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