SMHM2490 Merchandising Expo

SMHM2490 Merchandising Expo - SMHM2490 Merchandising Expo...

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Unformatted text preview: SMHM2490 Merchandising Expo Yuria Hashimoto 02/12/07 I went to the meeting to explain the company' s business results, activities, and internship curriculum. TOMMY HILFIGER is one of the companies which made a deep impression on me. There are three main reasons why I was well impressed by TOMMY HILFIGER. First of all, a manager at Dallas area, Jan Smith explained us her daily schedule, such as, what she does, how she manages it, and why she does it. I liked her speech because it was so detailed and had a reality which I wanted to know. What she does is like a liaison. She travels around the U.S. and makes sure if every stores maintain the standard. She was given a book from TOMMY HILFIGER. The book shows a direction or a big idea what the designer really wants to convey. Understanding and knowing it and putting together to work out is her job. She looked happy when she was explaining, and it seems like that she enjoys her job. Secondly, I liked that they used a power point to explain, and they actually brought some clothing of new season. The visual aid helped me to understand well. I appreciated their attention to make the explanation easier. Thirdly, I enjoyed listening how TOMMY HILFIGER was created. The designer, Tommy Hilfiger was raised with 8 brothers, and he actually started his business with $150 in N.Y. His jeans became famous and he got an approach from Calvin Klein, and then he successfully started his brand, TOMMY HILFIGER. Thus, TOMMY HILFIGER made a great impression on me. They were so kind and well prepared for Expo. I would like to do my internship there because how Ms. Smith talked about her job was especially impressive. ...
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SMHM2490 Merchandising Expo - SMHM2490 Merchandising Expo...

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