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size and fit 1650lab - Balance occurs when the garment is...

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Yuria Hashimoto SMHM1650 Lab12; Dr. Sua 04/25/07 Lab 12; Sizing and Fit ~Five Elements Of Fit~ There are five important elements to evaluate the sizing and fit of a garment; grain, set, line, balance, and ease. Every element is necessary because they are highly interrelated. The garment must be cut on grain, and lengthwise grain should run parallel to length of the body, so it hangs evenly and appears symmetrical. Set means the garment fits smoothly without wrinkles. Wrinkles occur due to garment being too tight. The one-piece I evaluated was tight around hip, so it causes wrinkles and it is visible especially when I sit and stand. Poor set is sometimes due to the wearer’s poor posture. Line is the alignment of the structural lines of the garment with the body’s natural lines. Seams should be straight lines at the body part where they are intended to fit. The double-pointed darts on the backside of the garment I evaluated appear as following the body.
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Unformatted text preview: Balance occurs when the garment is in equilibrium. It relates to grain and line, and right and left sides of the garment should appear balanced. When I wear the one-piece, my legs are in the middle of the bottom part and dont touch its front or back, so the one-piece is well balanced. Ease refers to the amount of room in a garment. There are fitting ease and design ease. Fitting ease refers to enough room for ordinary movement, which is required for comfort, and design ease is extra style fullness which is optional. I feel comfortable when I wear the one-piece. It doesnt appear tight and wrinkle, so it satisfies minimal fitting ease. The one-piece has a puffed sleeve and gathered full skirt. They are extra design ease and create extra roominess which add feminine mood to the garment. Evaluating fit in each step of developing is critical. It makes it possible to produce garments with the desired fit....
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size and fit 1650lab - Balance occurs when the garment is...

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