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Yuria Hashimoto SMHM2490 Dr. Knight 04/30/07 World Trade Center Report It was a great opportunity that we went inside of the world trade center and saw what the apparel market in Dallas was like on last Friday. I was impressed that we received a kind welcome. There are three most striking things to write about the world trade center. First of all, the world trade center is such a large multi-building which has the largest wholesale facility. The building is now 50 years old, but still looks modern and neat. It has five million square feet square over all, and 2000 showrooms daily. Secondly, it was also highly impressive that they service all kind of product. 14000
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Unformatted text preview: apparel product lines are across multiple categories, and there are also 25000 gift and home lines. They have 500,000 visitors per a year from all over the world. Thirdly, the Dallas market is very different from the one in New York. Their products are for ready to go, and the customer can immediately order them. They are not innovative, and they do not inspire ideas like New York Fashion Week does. Thus, the world trade center in Dallas is very large, but it was different from what I saw in Las Vegas. There are a lot of various kinds of markets for our various needs....
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