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Name:Nick Achtmann Student Number:1167359 SOC/STAT/CSSS 221: Statistical Concepts and Methods for the Social Sciences ***Homework Assignment 4*** Please use this form to record your answers and include any work that you would like to show the grader (you can paste in photos or scans of your hand-written work if you like). Save this document in Word, rtf, txt, or pdf format and submit the document for grading via the course website. THESE ARE THE ONLY FILE FORMATS THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED. This homework is out of 12 points and is worth 3 percent of your final grade. Note that almost all examples used below are fake.I made up them up for pedagogical purposes only. 1.(0.5 points) An April 2011 poll of Canadian adults found that 57% were certain that they would vote in the May 2011 elections.Election records show that61.1%of registered voters voted in the election.The boldface number is a (a)sampling distribution(b)statistic (c)parameter(d) population distribution
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