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Midterm(Fall04)solutions - FINITE MATHEMATICS FOR THE...

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FINITE MATHEMATICS FOR THE SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES Math 51-11 Fall 2004 MID-TERM EXAM There are 8 questions in all; together they are worth 110%. You may choose to do any, or all, of these questions. The value of each question, as a percentage, is denoted. Please be clear and precise in your solutions. I recommend you display all your working. 1. Temperature can be measured in degrees Farenheit (as is done in the U.S.) or Celcius (as is done in Australia); there is a linear relationship between these two quantities. The freezing point of water is 0 o Celcius, which is 32 o Farenheit; the boiling point of water is 100 o Celcius, which is 212 o Farenheit. (a) Express degrees Farenheit as a function of degrees Celcius. (b) Express degrees Celcius as a function of degrees Farenheit. (c) At what temperature will degrees Celcius equal degrees Farenheit? (d) At what temperature will degrees Farenheit be exactly 100 more than degrees Celcius? Clearly tell me what each of your variables stands for. 10% 2. Without doing any calculation determine the number of points of intersection of each of the following systems. Give brief geometric reasons for your answers.
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