geog6_7 - JAPAN Japan and Thailand only ppl to escape...

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JAPAN Japan and Thailand only ppl to escape British colonization?? Japs & Koreans very similar – in genes, appearance though not lang/body lang etc – implies Japs/Koreans recently arrived fr each other(s’ land etc??) – but big puzzle in Jap history that despite the many similarities, langs are so different? Has an archipelago; 4 main islands- IMPT TO KNOW- Southernmost? Island: Kushian; Onshu; Shukoku; N-most island- Hakai Distance of archipelago ~ ; climate change; Jap has forest area- evergreen leafy in S; N has deciduous leafy forest like E US; pine trees, spruce, etc like in Washington; coniferous in ???; walnuts, chestnuts, horse chestnuts, acorns, etc… Japan is wet- wettest country in temperate zone; rain comes in summer, at hottest time of year=> great for growing crops; active volcanoes; like Mt Fuji?; =>very fertile volcanic soils=> very productive agriculturally 80% (?) of land is mountains; only 40 (14%?) is for farming Most densely populated country in first world Has still preserved its forest, mountains; ¾ of Jap covered w/forests; when cut down trees they regrow quickly- no deforestation here; no native grassland/pasture- impt economically b/c no mammal growth production like pigs?? Can’t afford to dedicate much area to pastures so their beef is luxury item On either side of Japan cities? Receive runoff- rich in fish, mollusks, crustaceans, seaweed; world’s biggest catcher, importer, consumer of fish Ocean btwn Jap, Korea shallow; in Ice age, these shallow oceans were dry land, so Jap was part of Asian mainland w/huge lake- modern-day sea of Jap- World’s biggest salamander, … Biogeographically: Palearctic region, like Europe; which spreads Ireland Japan; Would think Europe, Jap has similar history- but they don’t really- Britain has been invaded successfully quite a few times in history, Jap never really has?? Brit has sent armies to Asian continent many times, Jap only has twice; w/geographical diffs why such diff histories for them? o Japan 50% bigger in area that Brit- so they’re more of a critical mass; Brit has fewer ppl, depend more on trade w/Europe than does Jap? o Jap 5X more distant from Eurasia than is Britain & is bigger than Brit- so Jap more self-sufficient People East Asians; look similar to N Chinese, Koreans, Siberians; Ainu ppl in modern times lived on N-most part of Kaiu???? Have much hair, often considered Caucasians but genetically are most similar to Japs, Koreans, look like
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geog6_7 - JAPAN Japan and Thailand only ppl to escape...

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