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AUSTRONESIAN REALM Austronesian ppls- Philippines, Indonesian, coast of Malay peninsula & Vietnam, all Pacific Islands- Polynesians, Micronesians, Melonesians; all of these derived from Asia – S China? w/variable mixed fr New Guinea?? Austronesian lang fam 2 nd lgst in world; Indonesia 4 th most populous country in world (after China, India, US); Austronesians fill whole Pacific Ocean W of CA- impt to Cali Physical Geography Pacific basin W of Malay pen 5 diff types lands: 1) continental islands (islands that used to be pieces of Asian mainland)- esp. Borneo, Java, Sumatra (separated fr mainland by shallow seas- used to be attached to it); 2) formed pieces (cont’l islands) of Gondwana continent fr ??? that broke up into pieces incl Antarctica, India, AUS- some ended up as Pacific islands- b/c part of old Gondwana cont, contain cont’l crust & minerals; NZ (also prev part of Gondwana cont) has some mineral deposits- coal, iron, gold 3) Volcanic islands that don’t have minerals- many volcanoes still active today- eg. Hawaii’s big island; Krakatoa explosion 1888; also inactive volcanoes that are young, went extinct only recently- W mtns of Maui; Andesite Line- runs around middle Pacific, roughly thru Fiji- types of volcanoes change on either side of it – W of it, volcanoes blow out ash; E of it??? 4) Coral atolls- makatea- type of terrain- old coral reef that got lifted into air by geological? Processes; don’t walk on it w/bare feet- very sharp; 5) raised reef limestone; there could be mixture of these diff components Rainfall incr w/incr’g altitude; island of Kawaii(?) – 500 in/yr; New Guinea; rain-shadow effects: rain-bearing winds come from certain direction, side of island exposed to those winds wet, side of island sheltered fr it is dry; rainfall in Pacific decr from W to E Pacific islands usu tropical/subtropical- but NZ temperate- 2 highest islands in Hawaii have some snow… tho usu melts away? …(Austronesians live on coast of Malaysia, Vietnam???) Biogeography …of AUstronesian reg most interesting in world; W part of AusN reg belongs to Oriental reg? E part belongs to Australian reg; what happens where these two regs meet? Meet at distinct place- sharp biogeographic boundary btwn Borneo/Sulawesi And Bali/Lombok??? E of Bali? E of Bali, Asian animals- but if you go 20 miles S? W??? away from that you lose all those animals- “Wallace’s Line”- most distinct boundary (in
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geog6_9 - AUSTRONESIAN REALM Austronesian ppls-...

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