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Geog 6_2

Geog 6_2 - Lecture 3 Africa Review from Lecture 2...

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Lecture 3 – Africa Review from Lecture 2 Malthus said when food production/supply expands, pop will expand to fit it unless pop controls taken/set? AFRICA N. Africa (south of Sahara) main natural region of attention/discussion- N Africa traditionally grouped/shares history w/Europe Biogeography- science of geographic distribution of plants & animals; zoogeography, phytogeography Why does African have no marsupials unlike Australia? Biogeographic diffs? o Geography- habitats- barriers (mountains, oceans) o History- of how plants/animals have evolved/dispersed o Biology of species involved- some can disperse better than others; can adapt to certain envts. etc By 1840? EPN geographers realized biogeographic regions & distribution, divided world into 6 biogeographical regs- similar but NOT same as continents(?): 1. Nearctic- N America – S. Mexico 2. Neotropics- S & Central America; not just tropical part of S America- all of S America incl temperate zone 3. 4. Ethiopian- S of Saharan 5. Oriental- tropical Southeast Asia 6. Palearctic- W Indonesia to S Arabia, down to Himalayas? Stretches from W coast of Ireland E coast of Japan; incl N Africa Til 1859 when Origin of Species published, biologists all creationists? Species have failed? Spreading N S Africa?? MDN Sea much less a barrier to dispersal than Sahara Okapirs- small kind of giraffe- confined to Africa S. of the Sahara; aardvark, hyrax also confined to Africa Ethiopian reg lacks true deer- just has antelope; N Africa & its history incl w/that of Europe; AFN blacks, pigmies, whites… 5 Groups in Africa Moves top down from food producers 1. 2. 3. Pigmies (200K+)- scattered in rainforests? Small, mean, dark-skinned; mostly hunter-gatherers; why are they so small? a. Easier to navigate thru jungle; less consumption necess. 4. Khoisan (bushmen)- don’t occur anywhere else in world? Indigenous people S of equator; “san”- small hunter-gatherers; “Khoi”- herders 5. Madagascar- Asians & blacks; (don’t?) talk, but look like Indonesians? Lang. closest to Borneo’s ppl (Indonesia) Africa most diverse continent in terms of human pop?
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LANGUAGES IN AFRICA Language influences how ppl, things spread; special- impt where diff langs are spoken Language Families o
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Geog 6_2 - Lecture 3 Africa Review from Lecture 2...

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