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geog_Lecture 10 - Lecture 10 Australia and New Guinea Last...

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Lecture 10 – Australia and New Guinea Last time: Austronesians- ppl orig from China who gave rise to modern ppl of Philippines, Indonesia, Polynesia, Pacific Islands Transition btwn oriental region, Australian reg most remarkable in world; Pacific Islands… Wallace line marks limit btwn animals - difficult to cross water; Wallacea- aquatic reg? animals able to cross water? Austronesian ppl w/some New-Guinea like ppl; Melanesians, Polynesians, Micronesians Austronesian langs were most widespread lang fams in world; incl Indonesian, modern Thagalog Crops incl orig Chinese crops/animals- pigs, dogs, chicken, rice, millet; tropical plants in History began ~2 mil yrs when ppl arrived fr Africa- homo erectus- java man; 1 st modern humans- sapiens- replaced by S? farmers who colonized… spread to Philippines, Malaysia, E New Guinea etc EPNs entered area to E from Magellan’s voyage round world Australia most extreme continent- it’s more diff from any other continent than any other continent is to each other AUS continent controlled experiment in human history; AUS & New Guinea used to be same continent, broke into 2 pieces, human history evolved very diff on each AUS- ppl remained hunter-gatherers; NG- became farmers; but why didn’t they dvlp metal tools, state govts like those in Fertile Crescent, Africa, S America, Andes etc? GEOLOGY AUS notorious as driest continent, w/biggest fluctuations in rainfall- related to ENSO cycle- El Nino Southern Oscillations- fluctuations from wet to dry over several decades in S Hemisphere across Pacific; these make AUS very wet some years, dry others=> AUS agriculture very risky even today Has least fertile soils b/c they’ve had minerals leached out from rain over many years; usu natural restoration brings minerals back to surface, restores minerals: by methods of:
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geog_Lecture 10 - Lecture 10 Australia and New Guinea Last...

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