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Geography 6_4 - Geography 6: Lecture 4 Latin America...

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Geography 6: Lecture 4 – Latin America Correction- hyrax not totally (but mostly?) exclusive to Ethiopian reg- relative of elephant Bantu- all black African farmers S of the equator- only 1/187 subgroups of much larger Niger- Congo region- the other 186 crammed into tropical W Africa Khoisan vs. Xhosa (“Kosa”); Khoisan consisted of cattle herders in S Africa; orign inhabitants of sub-equatorial Af; Xhosa- group of Bantu (black Af. Farmers; S-most grp of Bantu; Nelson Mandela is from these people; of Niger-Congo lang fam) Evolutionary process: BUNCHE 1221 = EXAM ROOM NEXT WEEK 9-10 AM Berber People- major people of S Africa Know Semitic Language – major lang of ?? Know where corn, rice, wheat etc domesticated; know orig ppl of Madagascar; 6 biogeographic regions (name, location); why Africa is poor REVIEW OF AFRICA Paradox of Africa- its human societies the oldest- where humans evolved- but Af today is poorest continent- how to explain its poverty? Africa (at least S of Sahara) is Ethiopian reg; biogeogrpahic reg incl Sub-Saharan Af b/c Sahara more of barrier than MDN; tho sometimes Sahara has been wet, covered w/green habitat etc at which time plants, animals able to cross it 5 main ppls incl Pygmies, Khoisan, black AFNs orig confined to Af; AFN lang families; history of human evolution in AF over last 6 mil yrs; tropical diseases (worst b/c ppl have been there longest much time to develop these plus closest relatives (primates) are there); various crops/economies, where these dvlped (oil plams, yams- W Af); sorghum, millet – Sahel; coffee, teff- Ethiopia Spread of these AFN crops- biggest spread: Bantu expansion orig. fr W Africa, quickly spread fr equator S equatorial AF (except for those areas unsuitable for Bantu age g Cape, desert…) EPN conquest of AF, multiple reasons why AF is poor today Bantu expansion one of biggest human movements of recent times- led to pop of AF S of the equator that we see today; when moved around- in E AF, picked up sorghum, millet, cows, sheep, advantage over other ppls) LATIN AMERICA Defined by current history, lang, rel? Colonized by Spanish, Portugeuse unlike N America colonized by British etc… Human-cultural boundary btwn U.S. & Mexican border; doesn’t coincide w/geographic boundary: isthmus of Tehuantepac- separates C. America fr Mexico Native American presence here unlike in US, Australia still strong; tho indigenous presence not as strong as in AF;
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Phys geog: incl world’s largest Amazon rainforest; biggest river (Amazon); one of 3 places in world w/equatorial glaciers; have snow on equator- snow-capped mts (Kilimanjaro, New Guinea are the other 2 places) Interesting in that it has temperate zone in S which is an island of temperate habitats; separated fr (N) American temperate zones by tropics Neotropical reg: Its mammals more distinct as those of AF but not as those of Australia; incl:
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Geography 6_4 - Geography 6: Lecture 4 Latin America...

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