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Midterm Study Guide - People: Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 -...

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People: Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 - 1959) Wright House, Oak Park, Illinois, 1989- 1909 Robie House, Oak Park, Illinois, 1908 Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin, 1911 Aline Barnsdall House (Hollyhock House), Hollywood, California, 1917-21 Charles Ennis House, Los Angeles, California, 1923-4 Kaufman House (Fallingwater), Bear Run, Pennsylvania, 1935 Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, 1923 Prairie Houses Wasmuth Portfolio, 1910-1911 Rudolph Schindler Schindler/Chace House (King's Road House), Los Angeles, 1922 Richard Neutra Von Sternberg House, San Fernando Valley, California, 1935 Emerson Junior High School, West Los Angeles, California, 1938 Lovell Health House, Los Angeles, California, 1927-9 Kaufman Desert House, Palm Springs, California, 1946 Things: Froebel Gifts/Froebel blocks House on Haunted Hill (William Castle, 1959) Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982) Terms Gesamtkunstwerk "battered" shapes "tilt-up" construction organic transcendentalism pinwheel plan free plan People: -Giovanni Piranesi (1720 - 1778) Italian architect, artist Carceri (Prison) Series (1749-50) elaborate multi-perspectival drawings of imagined prisons -Michael Graves (1934 -) American architect drawings consisting of pastels on yellow trace paper ; -Bridge House (unbuilt) & nbsp; -Swan & Dolphin Hotel, Disneyworld -Paul Rudolf (1918 - 1997) American architect & nbsp; -Yale Arts & Architecture Building (perspectival section) -Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe (1886 - 1969) German architect emigrated to US 1937 -collage drawings of interior views to natural settings (MoMA) -Filippo Brunelleschi (1377 - 1446) Italian architect & nbsp; -"invented" perspective drawing technique w/ demonstration using a mirror and view of Baptistry in Florence, Italy -Giambattista Nolli (1701 -1756) Italian architect & surveyor -Bernard Tschumi (1944 -) Swiss architect, former chair of Columbia University's GSAUPP -Daniel Libeskind (1946 -) German architect -Thom Mayne (1944 -) American Architect (UCLA Faculty) &n bsp; -6th Street House -Neil Denari (1957 -) American Architect (UCLA Faculty) Terms:
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-Orthographic projection: 2D drawings &n bsp; - plan (plan oblique, reflected ceiling plan) - section (longitudinal and cross sections) -elevation -elevation oblique -Site plan: shows context of project -Perspective drawing: single or multiple vanishing points -Section perspective -Axonometric -Isometric -Axonometric/isometric sections -Elevation oblique -Cutaway perspective -Composite -Collage -Rendering -Sketch or Working model -Wireframe model -Digital Rendering Important Drawings: -Carceri Prison Series (Piranesi) -Nolli Map of Rome (1736 - 1748) -Louis Kahn - traffic plan of Philadelphia -Yale Arts & Archiecture Building - composite sectional perspective (P. Rudolph)
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Midterm Study Guide - People: Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 -...

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