Arch 30 Final Review

Arch 30 Final Review - Arch&amp Ud 30 Intro to...

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Unformatted text preview: Arch & Ud 30 Intro to Architectural Studies Final Exam Review Lecture Notes & Concepts Lecture 10 Focus on LA II: Cultivating the Exotic------------------------------------------------------ Ideas: Ingenuity of wartime turned to consumer production Rise of consumer culture Designed Obsolescence House as a container to hold things, > accumulation of gadgets House as Kit of Parts; Neighborhood as Kit of Parts Bring modernity to the masses, especially housing People / Projects: Charles Eames molded plywood splint Molded plywood and fiberglas chairs CSH #8 Eames House The House Five Years After - photo series Gregory Ain Mar Vista Housing (compared with Levittown, New York) Pierre Koenig CSH #21 Bailey House Frank Gehry Gehry House Ron Davis House/Studio (pre-1978 work) Case Study House Program: 1945 - 1966 (Sponsored by John Entenza, Arts & Architecture Magazine) Lecture 11 Modernist City------------------------------------------------------ Paris, Capital of the 19th Century Fortifications and city walls Poor conditions of the existing city Baron Georges-Eugene Haussmann 1809- 1891 Boulevards, public projects, gardens by Haussmann 1854-70 Messy medieval city demolished for new, modern hygienic city Opera de Paris Charles Garnier 1875 Urban transformation as political instrument New York Fortifications and city walls Early Urbanization prevalence of the grid Le Corbusiers plan for New York Flatiron Building 1902 The Metropolis of Tomorrow Hugh Ferris 1929 Chrysler Building 1929 Empire State Building 1931 Rockefeller Center 1930-39 Lever House 1951 UN Headquarters 1952 Seagram Building 1958 Lincoln Center 1955-69 Lincoln Center modernization Diller + Scofidio Robert Moses second Haussmann Coney Island Amusement Park 1880 Brasilia the city of the future Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer 1956-60 Monumental Axis White Buildings in wide open spaces Office tower blocks National Congress Palace of the President National Tribunal National Cathedral Cultural Comples of the Republic Superquadras Ideal Cities Sforzinda - Antonio di Pietro Averlino, Filarete Trattato di architettura, 1465 Palmanova - Vincenzo Scamozzi, 1593 Lecture 12 Alternate Forms of Urbanism------------------------------------------------------ Traditional City Old core Density Town/country Center/periphery Different building types Background/monumentality - facilitates location within city Non-Urban Cities Garden Cities - Howard Broadacre Wright Levittown, New York New Urbanism: new non-urbanists Town of Seaside Duany & Plater- Zyberk Extreme Urbanism Archigram density through mega- structures Banham Megastructure (book) New Babylon Constant Nieuwenhuis Dystopian Rhizome Learning from Las Vegas Las Vegas Signs Tokyo Signs Lecture 13 Landscape------------------------------------------------------ Ideas/Terms: Architecture defines presence of civilization Agriculture & Urbanization occur in...
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Arch 30 Final Review - Arch&amp Ud 30 Intro to...

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