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History 1A Study Guide Final Exam – Rome to Charlemagne Part I: Identifications Romulus and Remus Myths became public w/publications of Virgil’s Aeneid- represents combo of native Roman, Greek traditions; In a myth about the founding of the city of Rom, Romulus and Remus were two sons of the war god Mars. Romans decided their ancestors were the Trojans; after Trojans lost Trojan War, nobleman Aeneas finds his way to Italy, settles in reg Latium, but doesn’t found Rome- this must wait for 12 more generations; after 12 more generations in direct line of Aenias, Mars, god of war, impregnates a virgin who gives birth to Romulus & Remus; under order of king, these boys exposed, left to die by Tiber River; they’re rescued, nurtured by a she- wolf, and they’re raised by a shepherd and grow up; they decide to found a city, they get into an argument, Romulus kills Remus, and eventually Romulus founds city of Rome on the Palatine Hill on April 21st, 753 BC Aeneas Aeneas is the main character in Virgil (70-19 BC)’s famed epic poem, The Aeneid , written around 29-19 BC. A Trojan, and the son of Trojan mortal Anchises and goddess Venus, Aeneas is chosen to survive the siege of Troy and to lay the foundations in Italy for the glorious Roman Empire. In the Aeneid , after fleeing Troy, Aeneas lands in Carthage with his men, where he eventually falls in love with Queen Dido. However, the gods soon remind Aeneas of his duty to found Rome, and his subsequent departure from Carthage causes Dido to commit suicide. Aeneas eventually makes his way toward Italy, where a trip to the underworld to visit his dead father shows him the future history and heroes of Rome, helping him understand the importance of his mission. After arriving at Latium, King Latinus receives the Trojans happily, hoping Aeneas will marry his daughter Lavinia, fulfilling a certain prophecy. But Latinus’ wife Amata wants Lavinia to marry Turnus, and the two oppose the Trojans; Turnus eventually begins a war against them. Particularly, Aeneas is angered and kills many after the son of Aeneas’ new ally Evander is killed by Turnus; and while both sides eventually agree to a truce, Aeneas and Turnus proposed to engage in a duel – which they do, allowing Aeneas to finally slay Turnus. Paterfamilias The Roman family incl not only kin by blood/marriage but also further kin, slaves, freed former slaves; Roman familia is household; formed foundations of Roman society as grps of related familiae form gens- clans- that in very early times were pol, economic orgs of great imptce- Roman’s names always incl name of his gens. Paterfamilias was the father of the family- the oldest living male- that was the foundation of the structure of the strictly patriarchal Roman family. He controlled and held absolute legal power over members of his family- which included kids, land, other property, animals, and slaves- regardless of their age, as long as he lived; in theory, the paterfamilias could put anyone to death (tho this rare); in reality, though, he didn’t usu exercise such
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Final Exam - Study Guide- to print - History 1A Study Guide...

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