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com 5 essay 2a - COM 005 Peter Leung Essay 2 (Word Count:...

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COM 005 Peter Leung Essay 2 (Word Count: 1210) TA: Carmen Lau Sometimes the paths to reach a common goal are quite different. In Hans Christian Andersen’s, “the Swineherd,” and Oscar Wilde’s, “the Happy Prince,” they both attempt to teach the same moral, through various examples, of how it is wrong to be selfish and superficial and how it is right to help others in need. The big difference, however, is how the morals are presented to the reader. Andersen tries to scare the reader into accepting the moral by punishing those who are vain and selfish, while Wilde tries to encourage the moral by rewarding those who are selfless and help others. In both tales, I found examples of the main characters suffering the consequences of being superficial. In “the Happy Prince,” the Swallow falls in love with a reed just because he was “attracted by her slender waist” (169). This focus on just appearance alone causes the Swallow to be lonely in the end since all his fellow companions left for Egypt while he stayed behind and failed to see that the reed had no real inner substance that he could love. In “the Swineherd,” the princess gives the cold-shoulder to the prince after she finds out his gifts are not “artificial” and won’t last forever, this sets in motion the prince’s scheme to punish the princess (207). The behavior of the Swallow and the princess shows that they are very shallow and lack a sense of worth in others. They do not know the true worth of things because they choose to love something simply based on outward appearances and superficial qualities that they deem important. Another facet of superficiality that is illustrated in both stories is materialism. The town people in “the Happy Prince,” are portrayed as materialistic when they all praise how happy the Happy Prince was just by his
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com 5 essay 2a - COM 005 Peter Leung Essay 2 (Word Count:...

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