lactation2of2 - Lactation Conditions, etc. (Chapter 7)...

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Lactation – Conditions, etc. (Chapter 7) Uncomfortable conditions often faced by breastfeeding mothers include: -cracked, sore nipples -engorgement -plugged ducts -mastitis *usually short-term and can continue breast feeding with no interruption Medication use by mother should be evaluated by a physician before breastfeeding continues Jaundice : normal in newborns due to breakdown of excess RBC -usually subsides after a few days -slower in breastfed infants due to lower intake for a few days -treatment: frequent feedings, sometimes phototherapy to break down bilirubin without liver *sometimes, bilirubin in blood high enough to cause seizures (and increased risk of neurological and brain damage) -if still very high after a week, may discontinue breastfeeding for a short time to push fluids *Milk is fine and can still be pumped and used! Food allergies / intolerances Allergy – immune response to protein in a specific food Common culprits: Cow’s milk Wheat Eggs Peanuts Soybeans Tree nuts Breastfeeding helps decrease risk of food allergies, but if baby has a reaction,
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lactation2of2 - Lactation Conditions, etc. (Chapter 7)...

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