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HNFE 2014 Infant Nutrition, Part 2 of 2 Infant Feeding 0-12 Months Time/Age Feeding Issues Rationale/Reasons 0-4 months Only breast milk or appropriate infant formula - amount increases with age - frequency of feeding decreases with age No cereal in bottle Nutritionally adequate and balanced; Gentle on the digestive tract; Electrolytes balanced Infant stomach can hold more Would decrease calories and protein (nutrient dilution) Possible choking 4-6 months Introduce thin pureed foods - one at a time (2-3 days between) - pure (not mixed) when introduced - minimal salt, sugar - order discussed below Suckling reflex decreases; Can handle nutrient dilution; Can swallow slightly thicker texture without choking; Has motor skills for spoon (tongue side to side, head control) Can tell if the new food causes an allergic reaction Not necessary (taste buds very sensitive); don’t want baby accustomed to too much Discussed in first infant nutrition guide 6-12 months Gradually increase texture - thickness - presence of soft, solid chunks Should introduce foods fed by spoon by 6 months Introduce cup Better able to handle without choking “chewing”muscles should be developed first Promotes proper muscle development for speech development Need tongue, lip control first 1
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9-10 months Ready for chunky foods - still soft Tongue control, chewing muscle and coordination develop Minimal teeth present at this point
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infant2of2first4pagesfilled - HNFE 2014 Infant Nutrition,...

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