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com 5 essay - COM 005 Essay 1(Word Count 1142 Quest of...

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COM 005 Peter Leung Essay 1 (Word Count: 1142) TA: Carmen Lau Quest of Transformation “The Twelve Wild Ducks” is a story of patience, love, and the subtle transformation of the protagonist, who is the sister, from a girl to a complete woman. The overlying plot, in which the sister is on a quest to find brothers, intertwines with these themes. However, I feel that the trials that the sister must go through in order to save her brothers are not only tests of her loyalty to her brothers but also tests to see if she can really become a woman. The types of tests and conditions put upon her seem to assess whether she has the skills and the emotional mindset stereotypical of a mature woman. Thus, the story is broken into dichotomous yet parallel quests. One that describes the saving of the brothers and another that describes the perseverance needed for the simultaneous maturation of the sister into a woman while saving her brothers. The very circumstances that surround the sister’s birth seem to call for the restoration of proper womanly ideals. The fact that the mother would give up her sons symbolizes her lack of patience and motherly ideals that a true woman should have. Thus, it is destined for the newborn sister to make up for her mother’s shortcomings and fill the void that her mother left. In addition, the fact that there are twelve brothers that need saving is numberically symbolic. Twelve is a composite number that symbolizes completeness. For example, there are twelve months in a full year in the lunar calendar system and there are twelve inches in one foot. Therefore, in order for the sister to have a resolution of her problems of being, “strange and
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com 5 essay - COM 005 Essay 1(Word Count 1142 Quest of...

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