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sas 5 essay 1 - Peter Leung SID: 994208358 Who Controls...

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Peter Leung SID: 994208358 Who Controls Who, Humans or the Environment? The very nature of life rests on the simple fact that humans must somehow interact with their environment to survive. However the question is not whether living things interact with the environment, but to what extent does the environment limit human’s ability to develop any cultural society it chooses. There are 2 theories that discuss this relationship between environment and society, the first theory is environmental determinism and the second is environmental possibilism. In environmental determinism, the dominant determining factor in cultural development is the environment of that region. In environmental possibilism, humans have a wide range of choices for cultural and economic development in any environment whether it be provided by environment or self made. Environmental possibilism still recognizes that the environment places limits on cultural development, but it doesn’t go as far as environmental determinism in saying that human influences take a back seat to environmental ones. The state of California is full of diversity in cultures and environments and it is possible to see both theories in action.
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sas 5 essay 1 - Peter Leung SID: 994208358 Who Controls...

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