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kin 2504 test 1 - Chapter1 Introduction: Lifestyle is the...

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Chapter1 Introduction:   Lifestyle is the most important factor in well-being. Most people do not know how to make the right choices to live their most fulfilling life-thus lack of education is the #1 reason why people don’t live the best lifestyle. Over the last 30 years, scientific studies have shown that physical activity and other wise lifestyle choices lead to better health and improved quality of life. Physical activity = is any bodily movement produced by the skeletal muscles through the day (ex. Climbing stairs, gardening, dusting, washing the car). Exercise = is a type of physical activity, planned structures repetitive bodily movements (ex. Weight lifting, aerobics, swimming, riding a bike). Physical activity in the United States… Technological advances have greatly reduced physical activity in daily life. Chronic diseases have resulted-hypertension, heart disease, chronic low-back pain, obesity. These diseases are sometimes called hypokinetic diseases (“low motion”). The trend of reduced physical activity has been termed Sedentary (a.k.a. inactive) Death Syndrome (SeDS) and is the second greatest threat to public health in the United States; the number one threat to public health in the US. -exercise and physical activity are not 1 in the same, exercise is a type of physical activity Lifestyle, health and quality of life:   Besides reduced activity, three additional negative health factors have changed along with technological advances. The five leading causes of death in the United States…(1) heart disease (2) cancer (3) pulmonary disease (4) accidents (5) other-drug, violence, STD’s, etc.; 1-3 are all related to lifestyle choices; obesity is the fastest growing disease in children Despite a higher life expectancy than in the past, healthy life expectancy in the United States still lags behind other countries. Surgeon general’s report on physical activity and health:   The 1996 US Surgeon General’s report was a landmark statement on the influence of regular physical activity on health. It stated that moderate physical activity provides substantial benefits. It also stated that poor health in the US results form lack of physical activity. Premature death, unnecessary illness and disability can be prevented, therefore, with moderate physical activity. Moderate physical activity was defined as physical activity that uses 150 calories of energy per day, or 1,000 per week. People should try to achieve 30 minutes of exercise per day most days of the week. Those that stay the same weight or want to lose weight should exercise 1 hour to 1 and a half hours most days of the week. They wanted the public to understand how important physical activity and lifestyle are. Physical activity helps muscles, joints, psychological well-being, can perform quality of life activities, recommended we get 30 minutes of physical activity everyday National health objective for 2010:   Each decade, the US Department of Health and Human Services releases a list of
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kin 2504 test 1 - Chapter1 Introduction: Lifestyle is the...

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