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sas 2 essay - Peter Leung SID 994-208-358 The Dangers of...

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Peter Leung SID# 994-208-358 The Dangers of Biofuel Usage The title of my article is, “Biofuels may threaten environment, U.N. warns,” and its basic theme is how the increased use and desire for the production of biofuels may have negative effects that outweigh the positive effects that people have been heralding about. On January 23 rd , 2008 at a regional forum on bioenergy, Regan Suzuki, a member of the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization acknowledged that biofuels were a better alternative to fossil fuels but warned that the benefits of biofuels had to be carefully weighed against the pitfalls. Her warnings seem to be based on environmental and social impacts that the growing biofuel market has created. The reason that biofuels have gained popularity in recent years is it seemed to be the answer to the worlds growing renewable energy problem. People have been worried about the use of fossil fuels and its negative impact on the environment and how we only have a limited supply of it. The development of biofuels was thought to be the solution because it was derived from harvestable crops like palm trees, sugar canes, and corn. Also the use of biofuels creates less greenhouse gases and seemed to be better for the environment and contribute a lot less to global warming. Another reason why biofuels gained favor was it promised to give countries “energy independence,” as they would no longer have to rely on buying crude oil from other countries and be at the mercy of the crude oil’s perpetually rising price. However this perfect solution seems to be not so perfect after all, there seems to be social and environmental fallbacks that people are beginning to realize. The social problems that arise consist of increasing the price of other crops because of
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sas 2 essay - Peter Leung SID 994-208-358 The Dangers of...

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