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Comprehension - Comprehension 1 These laws passed by the...

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Comprehension 1. These laws passed by the south during presidential reconstruction place many restrictions- as well as bestowing certain rights- on the freedmen by controlling their labor, and they also helped sour many in the North on president Andrew Johnson’s plan and helped bring about Congressional Reconstruction? o Black codes 2. Of the choices below, this was a major scandal during president Ulysses S. Grant’s presidency? o Credit Mobilier 3. Congress reacted to president Abraham Lincoln’s 10 Percent Plan by passing this, which would have laid down a harsher Reconstruction for the south, but the president pocket vetoed it? o Wade Davis Bill 4. Henry Ward Beecher is most associated with what Gilded Age philosophy? a. Protestant economic (work) ethic 5. President Grover Cleveland, in response to the Panic of 1893, believe what two things would return prosperity if dealt with by Congress? a. Repealing the Sherman Silver Purchase Act and Lowering Protective Tariff 6. The American Federation of labor, unlike some of its predecessors, only admitted what kind of worker? a. Skilled workers 7. From the choices below, which did not contribute to the development of the second industrial Revolution in the United States? a. Greater regulation and welfare programs to help the poor and farmers 8. From the choices below, what best describes Grover Cleveland’s political outlook and philosophy? a. Supported laissez faire economics 9. According to the reading, this dance swept through the Sioux reservation and represented a “current of hope” to a desperate people and promised to restore their lands and prosperity? a. Ghost Dance
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10. Where was the final spike driven on the transcontinental railroad? a. Promontory Point 11. According to the reading, this man and an attachment of the 7 th cavalry met their fate in Montana at the Battle of little Bighorn? a. George A Custer 12. This editor form Atlanta is generally considered the biggest champion of the new south movement? a. Henry W. Grady 13. This amendment, ratified in December 1865, abolished slavery? a. 13 th amendment 14. From the choices below, these two men were leading Radical Republicans? a. Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens 15. Of the choices below, what were two reasons the north began abandoning reconstruction? a. Lack of interest (apathy) and republican party hit by corruption 16. According to the textbook, the plains Indian s relied upon this animal for practically all their needs? a. Buffalo 17. Joseph McCoy is most associated with what industry? a. Cattle 18. John D. Rockefeller and standard oil established these two things to eliminate competition? a. Trusts and holding companies 19. Both the democrats and populists nominated this man as their candidate for the 1896 presidential election? a.
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Comprehension - Comprehension 1 These laws passed by the...

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