Notes Exam 3 - Road to World War II ManchuriaProvince of...

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Road to World War II Manchuria- Province of China with rich resources-invaded by Japan in 1931 U.S. is given two options: 1. Tell Japan that We don’t care what you do to China as long as you stay out of the US. 2. Tell Japan they are in violation of John Hay’s Open Door Policy. Fascism in Europe- 1922- Mussolini-he wants Italy to dominate the Mediterranean 1933- Hitler- Democratically elected. Brings Nazi’s in control of Germany. Goes from Democracy to Dictatorship. o Plays the resentment card to Europe- “Treaty of Versailles was unfair”, “Capitalists and Jews sold Germany out” “What Racism is in America, Anti Semitism is in Europe.” Fascism: Totalitarian, extremely anti-communistic –very militaristic 3 Main Fascist Governments in Europe- Italy Germany Spain Anti-Semitism: leads to Holocaust- Hitler tells the world his plan in his book Mind Comfe- the world just wasn’t listening. The U.S. Seeks Protection in Isolation- A poll was taken in 1935 and 70% of Americans said it was a mistake to get into WW I. No one wanted to get into another one. ½ million students left class to protest they were not going to fight in another war. Gerald Nye Committee- Investigate our/Big Business’ role in WW I. They concluded-you make money in war so someone got rich quick. o “People began to believe we were manipulated into war and got hosed” Alger Hiss- Leads to one of the most Spectacular trials. Neutrality Acts: 1935-1937- Prohibited neutral countries from trading or selling anything to belligerent countries. You could not make loans to belligerent countries. Americans could not be on belligerent ships. FDR didn’t like it. Said his hands were being tied. The Axis Powers Move Toward War- Japan attacks mainland China and the US tells them they are in violation to the “Open Door Policy” U.S. Reaction- Panay Incident- U.S. still doing Business with China. Panay was a US Naval ship escorting oil up a river and then a Japanese bomber blows it up and kills our people. o Japan apologized and USA says it was OK. It didn’t infuriate Americans. Last time the US reacted to killings we went to war, this time it didn’t faze us. Fascist Expansion in Europe- Hitler : “all German speaking people need to be under one flag” Hitler wanted to test the waters of the west o By doing so he breaks the Treaty of Versailles- 1935-36 1938: Austria-Onsleuf and Czeckslavakia- In Czeckoslavakia- Sudateland and Munich Conference: o Late September 1938 o Hitler, Prime Minister of Great Britain and the Leader of France- Meet up. 1 | P a g e
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o French and Britian give Hitler Sudateland with the promise that he would not seize any more. By 1939: Hitler takes the rest of Czeckoslavakia.
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Notes Exam 3 - Road to World War II ManchuriaProvince of...

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