Notes-Sept5 - History Congressional Reconstruction...

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History reconstruction Sept 5 Congressional Reconstruction Congressional elections of 1866- radical republicans are in control. Because of Andrew Johnsons acts, Radical republicans take over both parties. Texas Vs White (1869)- supreme court rules reconstruction as constitutional Early 67- congress comes back in recession, end of presidential reconstruction and beginning of congressional. Pass Reconstruction act of 1867. Foundation of CONGRESSIONAL RECONSTRUCTION Reconstruction act of 1867 1. Invalidate all of the government in the south that was created under presidential reconstruction. a. Except Tennessee 2. 10 former states, invalidated, were divided into 5 military districts. Texas was in the 5th 3. Appointed a General for each district. 4. The people who would be included for the reconstruction process, could be all white men not excluded by the 14 th amendment as well as all freedmen. Under this act it is the first time all black men could vote. INFRANCHISEMENT OF BLACK MEN No land redistribution, radicals didn’t want to go that far. If they were really radical
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Notes-Sept5 - History Congressional Reconstruction...

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