Notes-Sept10 - Notes- Sept 10 Reconstruction CONT....

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Notes- Sept 10 Stephanie Ross Reconstruction CONT. Political- limited and In expensive government, during reconstruction the government got as big as it has ever been. Leading to gilded age-Retraction of government. Political ramifications, republicans are in charge, solidified its party in the North. Congress exerted control, dominate for the next 40 or so years. Congress took over the country. (Congress runs show during gilded age) Economical- huge gray period immediate following the abolishment of slavery, Share Cropping and tenant Farming (essentially plantation owners will subdivide their land into plots, and individual or family will work those plots, usually about 50 acres. Workers would be paid in an agreed amount of the crops)-replacement of slavery, dominate economic and agricultural system in the south. Economically retard the south. Lien Crop system- Farmers take out loans and put up crops for collateral. Once his debt exceeds the amount of the crop, he will be mired in debt and essentially tied to the land. Henry W Grady- Newspaper man from Atlanta- “The south is going to be as industrialized as the North” Coined the term “New South”. As he’s trying to build up the south, the opposite is happening. Racial-
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Notes-Sept10 - Notes- Sept 10 Reconstruction CONT....

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