Notes-Sept12 - Notes- Sept 12 The Grange Stephanie Ross...

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Notes- Sept 12 Stephanie Ross The Grange 1867- Oliver H Kelley- organized the Grange-Fraternal organization for farmers. Goal was to offer, emotional and social uplifting for fellow farmers. Offered services such as libraries, cash only cooperatives (used to cut out the men they needed to get cash from/bankers and loaners). Main Focus was on the Economic uplifting of the farmers. As the situation of farmers diminishes they soon find their culprit, the railroads- blaming them for economic plight. Railroads were being discriminatory to the farmers-Higher rates Although the farmers did face problems due to railroads they begin lobbying state/congress. **1887-Interstate Commerce Act Important: The Grange lays a foundation for the populist to build on couple years later. Industrialization and Urbanization in the Gilded Age Factors Supporting Industrialization- Resources, Labor, Capital, Technology: Modern day America arrives because of the gilded age. Resource- America wants for very little; we picked a very good place on the map. Labor- Cheap abundant immigrant labor, these people running the factories and
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Notes-Sept12 - Notes- Sept 12 The Grange Stephanie Ross...

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