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Review for final - Review for final: sociology Gender:...

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Review for final: sociology Gender: Nature vs. Nurture: Nature has to do with Heredity and Nurture had to do with the Environment. Glass Ceiling- More women and minorities hold higher positions in the work force than ever before, although they are still held to lower management. The glass ceiling, according to the Department of Labor, is defined as “artificial barriers based on attitudinal or organization into management level positions”. The most invisible barrier that keeps women and minorities form reaching the executive suites is slowing changing in the world. Today more women that are highly motivated are reaching the executive suite. They are sacrificing sleep and recreation for the advancement and learning to play by “men’s rules” in executive occupations. Men seem to be more comfortable with this type of approach. Title VII- a federal law that bars employers from discriminating against any person with respect to their compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment on the basis of that person’s race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Many anti-discrimination statutes have followed Title VII, but it remains the first and the broadest. Gender Polarization- the process of organizing social life to the extent that people and ways of viewing the world are dichotomized. It creates meaning for what it means to be male and female in society. Gender stratification-cuts across all aspects of social life, cuts across all social
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Review for final - Review for final: sociology Gender:...

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